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🍁 Canadian Rock Singer / Songwriter


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Will Black wants to be your rock n' roll superhero!

Will crafts timeless, high-energy tunes rooted in chord-driven, melodic rock n’ roll. Layers of instrumental harmonies and thoughtful lyrics explore love, lust and heartbreak while honoring the many classic rock artists who continue to inspire him.

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Love the music!! 🌟 thank you so much for the sharing your awesome talent.

- Tanya U. from Canada

You have an amazing voice and talent Will. ❤️ Thanks for letting me be part of your world. all your songs, Rock on hun.
- Jan H. from U.K.

Brilliant positive energy, good feeling in my heart.. Thanks for your uplifting tunes 😘
- Mary B. from U.S.A.

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Personal info is private and secure 🔒

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