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"Will gives blood, sweat and amazing vocals, leaving his audiences crying for MORE!

Hearing is believing that he is destined for greatness, let him ROCK YOUR WORLD."

'The General' Sue Kemp

"Get his 'XP - Best Of' CD, so many awesome originals, they don't write them like Will does anymore!"

Karen Legault

"Will throws himself into every song like a demon, singing his heart out with every note."
Mike "Uncle Elvis" Hind

Will Black is an independent rock music artist who wants you to experience the future of rock 'n roll along with him.. imagine Aerosmith vs. Bon Jovi with a shot of Bruce Springsteen!


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Featuring industry leaders performing throughout the record, the vocals and guitars are wicked awesome on these tracks - you need to hear and feel it!


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  • "Fire From Your Spark" up-tempo, booty shaking rocker.

  • "You Slay Me" big ballad with beautiful harmonies.

  • "Cry Like Hell" guitar driven, stadium rock anthem.


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